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Knorr Spinach Dip

Sometimes simple is better. This Knorr Spinach dip is the traditional classic! One of the best dips ever, also good used as a spread for party sandwiches. Cold and creamy, it’s so easy to make and tastes even better than

Spicy Pickled Eggs Recipe – Just Like The General Stores Used To Sell

This Spicy Pickled Eggs Recipe makes eggs that taste just like the eggs the general stores used to sell! Pickling eggs is really easy. In fact the hardest thing is peeling the eggs. So if you can peel an egg

Amish Onion Patties – Onions On Steroids!

These Amish Onion Patties are absolutely wonderful! And they are so easy to make. There you go. You must try this recipe and don’t change a thing – they’re perfect! I’ve made all kinds of “patties” but never with just

Olive Garden Toasted Ravioli Recipe

Packaged ravioli makes this appetizer an easy go-to for a weeknight dinner or when friends drop by. The Olive Garden originals are filled with beef, but cheese or spinach works just fine too! These are just super easy to make and

Grilled Shrimp — Mmmmmm

A nice modernized version of the old classic shrimp cocktail. Watch ’em disappear! Simplicity at its best, so quick and easy, yet very yummy! The shrimp turn out plump, juicy and delish. I added a little cayenne for some heat.

Microwave Chunky Chicken Nachos

Simple enough for a snack and hearty enough for a whole meal. I love this easy recipe! I was able to come home from work and put it together in like 10 minutes!!! The taste is excellent. I love this

Chicken Wings With BBQ Sauce for the Crock Pot!

This is a great recipe that makes the cook look like a pro ! Who doesn’t love chicken wings? Cooked in the crock pot – super easy! You can vary it by using different barbecue sauce types. I think this

Paula Deen’s Southern Pimento Cheese

This recipe is IT! Paula is southern and this is her version. I recently prepared another version of this recipe that included cream cheese and spices. It tasted weird. This is exactly what I recall pimento (minner) cheese being. I

Simple But Delicious Corn Relish

An easy recipe that makes a very pretty dish to add to the table. (plus a very tasty one, too!) I use a mixture of white and yellow corn to add more visual interest. Keeps very well in the fridge

Best Mexican Cheese Corn Dip Ever

This corn dip has been a really big hit for me. Its easy to make and everyone will ask you for the recipe when you take it to parties or have one of you own. I can’t ever escape a