The Traditional Plus The Best 5 Variation Deviled Egg Recipes

Deviled eggs are the perfect holiday finger food and the hunt for the best is over. Traditional or zesty – however you like ’em, we have fun and foolproof takes on the incredible, edible deviled egg.

From the classic, basic, old fashioned deviled eggs, that are already perfect for every occasion we move further into the deviled egg world with the 5 best variations we know of.

First up is the Classic Southern Deviled Eggs and then 5 delicious ways to update that classic.

Old Fashioned Deviled Eggs

Make Old Fashioned Deviled Eggs, “just like mom used to make”! Classic, basic, traditional deviled eggs, that are perfect for every occasion. Using simple ingredients you make a traditional, old fashioned deviled egg with a creamy filling that tastes delicious

Barbecue Deviled Eggs

These eggs mean business! A unique spin on a great Southern tradition. The sweet, tangy flavor of the barbecue sauce blends surprisingly well with rich, creamy egg yolks.

Buffalo-Style Stuffed Eggs

One bite and your guests will be clamoring for this recipe. The combo of blue cheese and Tabasco sauce is absolutely addictive. These are the bomb! Love the blue cheese.

Special Request Deviled Eggs

Classic, southern-style deviled eggs with a smoky twist, bacon and smoked paprika. This recipe came from a friend whose Dad loves deviled eggs. She added all his favorite ingredients.

The Devil Made Me Do It Bacon Deviled Eggs

Do you ever just got tired of the same old egg recipe? Well these aren’t just any deviled eggs! These are deviled eggs with bacon and cheese. Brings your deviled egg game to a whole new level.

There’s a Secret Ingredient in These Deviled Eggs

You just can’t have a potluck, reunion, picnic or guests for dinner without deviled eggs!! These are the best! The secret to successful stuffing?…mash the yokes good and beat until fluffy.