If You Want Your Steak To Be Amazing Then You Need To Make Sure You Do This One Thing First!

All The Information You Need To Know About The Crucial First Step When Cooking Steak

Many of us love steak every once in a while. It is just so juicy, looks fantastic and is just completely mouthwatering. When a steak is cooked to perfection, it a truly amazing meal that you just can’t get enough of!

However, sometimes when we cook our own steak at home it just doesn’t turn out the way we expected it to at all.

Before you resort to never enjoying a delicious steak in the comfort of your kitchen, we have the important step you may have been forgetting about all this time. Once you make sure to always follow this step, your steaks will turn out so amazing every single time!

The One Step To Always Make Sure You Do When Cooking Steak Is:

Take off the chill.

Many recipes suggest that taking your steak out of the fridge before cooking is all about bringing the steak to room temperature. Most steaks, especially a thick-cut rib-eye or porterhouse, would actually require hours out of the fridge to reach such internal temperatures.

Instead think of this step as taking the chill off your steak; even just 30 minutes makes the steak’s exterior warmer, but keeps the center chilly.

Any more than two hours out of the fridge and your steak will start to lose its chill in a bad way. Moisture can be drawn out, especially if you’ve salted in advance, which makes the steak harder to brown. A steak left at room temperature for longer will have a larger band of gray meat.

That’s it!

As you can see, all you have to do is allow your steak to chill outside of the fridge for about thirty minutes and no more than two hours. Then it will turn out great.