Barbeque Pork Chops – Quick and Easy Barbequed Pork Chops Recipe

Barbeque Pork Chops - Quick and Easy Barbequed Pork Chops RecipeBarbeque Pork Chops that are simply cooked in a tangy barbecue sauce somehow always seem to make everyone happy. These barbequed pork chops are in that category but they have a special twist.

This barbecue pork chop recipe has fresh squeezed lemon juice bathing the pork chops as they simmer in barbecue sauce.

About the only thing to be careful of is to not overcook your barbecued pork chops. A Teflon pan is best for this preparation.

You choose your favorite sauce, season the chops and then dredge them in the sauce. Now that’s a quick and easy barbequed pork chops recipe.

The chops form a light crust as they saute in the hot pan, and the addition of the lemon juice gives them just the right sharpness to keep all the flavors in focus.

A great barbequed pork chops recipe for when you need something quick and easy that the whole family will enjoy.

Barbeque Pork Chops – Quick and Easy Barbequed Pork Chops Recipe


4 pork chops, about 1 inch thick
1 cup barbecue sauce – your favorite
Juice of 2 lemons
Kosher salt and ground black pepper


Coat each pork chop with the barbecue sauce. Put them in a single layer in a large Teflon skillet. Put the skillet over the burner and bring it up to a medium-low heat.

When the bottom of the chops begins to brown, turn them over and continue cooking, turning again until each side of the chops has a crust. Pour some of the lemon juice over each side of the chops and let them absorb it.

Serve on a warmed platter with extra barbeque sauce on the side.

Food For Thought – These pork chops are also excellent broiled.

Heat the broiler to low heat and move the broiler pan as far from the heat source as possible. Just brush the barbeque sauce over the seasoned chops, rather than heavily coating them with it.

Be sure to line the broiler pan with foil to make turning them easier. Squeeze with the fresh lemon juice on both sides before serving.

Good To Know – The pork chops will stay moist if cooked over a low flame with this recipe.

A high heat would most likely burn the barbeque sauce before the meat could properly cook.

If you don’t want to pay much attention to them, add 1/4 cup of water with 2 or 3 tablespoons of lemon juice to the skillet, cover it and simmer over a low flame.

The liquid will keep the pork moist, and the excess can be boiled off when the chops are almost done.

Remove the cover and increase the heat until the liquids are reduced. Serve and enjoy.

There you have it! Quick and easy barbecue pork chops with a lemon twist that is family pleasing for a weeknight meal.

Give this Barbeque Pork chops recipe a try.