Old South Green Beans and Potatoes

An old southern recipe from Mississippi for green beans and potatoes. You can delete the bacon or ham hock and they still taste good.

A great recipe that goes well with any meal!!!

Something about cooking the beans and potatoes together. Green beans adds a special taste to potatoes and I love it.

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Old South Green Beans and Potatoes

Serves 4


2 lbs fresh green beans
2 slices bacon or 1 ham hock
3 medium potatoes
salt and pepper


In pot cover green beans with water and boil till tender with potatoes and bacon (or ham hock); drain.

Add your favorite seasoning (I like butter, salt, and pepper).

Remember ham hocks take a little longer than green beans, so if you use a ham hock, boil it first till tender then add the rest and cook.

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Recipe based on one by STARTERWIFE
Photo by Robin and Sue