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Vegetable Ham Chowder

This is one of my favorite winter time soups! Talk about comfort food, this is it! Perfect for a cold winter day. Very easy to make and so flavorful. Everyone I know seems to love it. This re-heats well but

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Beefy Cabbage Soup — Quick & Easy

A very tasty and tummy warming recipe that I’ve used for several years. I’ll admit I don’t always make it the same but I do stick with the basics: ground beef, cabbage and beans! It’s a great soup and so

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Cheeseburger Soup

This is an all around good family meal. Hearty, warm, filling. Great for when the weather gets cold and you’re not in the mood for chili. Yum! I’ll be making this one again. Make a green salad to have along

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Slow Cooker Ham and Lentil Stew

I love recipes that I can throw together in my crock pot and forget about until dinner. This quick and easy soup is exactly that. Very good! Especially with the addition of the spinach. A great idea for those cold

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The Ultimate Slow Cooker Corn Chowder Recipe!

This is one of my favorite comfort foods. One of the tastiest ways to eat corn! Its absolutely the best corn chowder you will ever find! I have used this recipe for years. Actually it’s a recipe with adjustments to

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Unbelievably Easy Potato Soup

Don’t let the sparse ingredient list fool you. This is a recipe that’s so easy to make yet so delicious that everyone inhales it. I love how wonderful it tastes with so few ingredients. This is the way my mom

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Old-Fashioned Vegetable Beef Soup

This is a great vegetable beef soup! I really liked the touch of spice from the hot sauce. Better than Campbell’s but just as comforting! Loosely based on a gourmet cooking magazine’s recipe for Beef Barley soup. It turned out

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Amish Cabbage Patch Stew

This delicious cabbage stew recipe sneaks cabbage into a flavorful combination of beef, tomatoes and beans for a satisfying dish that will have even cabbage-haters asking for seconds. Vitamin-packed cabbage rarely gets the attention it deserves. This simple and satisfying

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Slow Cooker Split Pea & Ham Chowder

How could anything this easy be SOOOO-OOO-O Good! I had never had corn in split pea soup before, but it gives a nice flavor in addition to the other veggies. Good stuff! A nice chowder for a cool day. Great

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Creamy Leftover Turkey Soup

Great soup! I made this with Thanksgiving leftovers and loved it so much that I made it again with chicken. Then I made it again with Christmas turkey leftovers. It’s fabulous! This goes together in a flash and is really

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