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Easy Mexican Pork Pozole Recipe

This Easy Mexican Pork Pozole Recipe is not only very easy to make it’s also doggone delicious. I like to serve it with some refried beans and tortillas for what I consider a Mexican meal! Note: Sometimes you’ll see this

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Summer Corn Chowder With Scallions Bacon & Potatoes

This is the best chowder have had! Really amazing A delicate soup which, I think, would not do well frozen. The key to it is really good corn on the cob because it’s the prominent flavor. I don’t think I’d

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Crock Pot Italian Wedding Soup

This is a great soup for crisp fall evenings. It’s one of the most delicious, and definitely the easiest, version of Italian Wedding Soup I’ve ever made. It also happens to be my favorite Italian soup! I have never had chicken

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Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

Yummy and easy! This is my go-to recipe for easy chicken noodle. Sometimes I add about 3 cloves of garlic, but it’s just as yummy without. Change the noodles to any type or mixture you like. Ditalini, stars or alphabet

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Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

This is really an easy chicken tortilla soup recipe. I love Mexican food and this is one of my favorite Mexican recipes. It reminds me of the soup they serve at Houston’s restaurant. It’s very easy to make and sooo

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Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup

This tastes exactly like Panera Bread’s soup. This is the best recipe for broccoli soup I have come across!! Yummmmmmmy. Just amazing!! Even if it didn’t taste exactly like Panera who cares, it’s fantastic. It thickened up great and tasted

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Crock-Pot Broccoli Cheese Soup

This is a great soup to throw in the Crock-Pot on a busy day and come back later to a warm, cheesy soup. The Velveeta thickens the soup just right. This is awesome. Especially since it’s so easy to make…

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Cheesy Ham Potato Soup

This Cheesy Ham Potato Soup is comfort soup at its finest! I have used the same potato soup recipe for years but now I have a NEW one! I usually make this to use up leftover ham. This soup is

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Rachael Ray’s Chicken & White Bean Stew

Hearty and delicious. Very good meal. Adapted from Rachael Ray, the recipe takes a few shortcuts to ensure it’s easy and quick. Using a rotisserie chicken and canned beans makes this stew come together so quickly. The flavor of this

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Quick And Easy Mild Chili – Perfect Weeknight Dinner For Not Much Money!

A fast dinner that is tasty and satisfying. This is how I make chili when it’s cold out and I want something hot and comforting! I have tried many “from scratch” recipes for chili and always go back to the

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