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Easy Mexican Pork Pozole Recipe

This Easy Mexican Pork Pozole Recipe is not only very easy to make it’s also doggone delicious. I like to serve it with some refried beans and tortillas for what I consider a Mexican meal! Note: Sometimes you’ll see this

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Best Mexican Cheese Corn Dip Ever

This corn dip has been a really big hit for me. Its easy to make and everyone will ask you for the recipe when you take it to parties or have one of you own. I can’t ever escape a

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Mexican Fire Rice

I love this dish. It’s a really filling slightly spicy rice and sausage dish that is baked with picante sauce, sour cream, and cheese. All of the ingredients are things that I regularly have on hand.” Tastes like a tamale

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Chicken Taco Casserole

This killer recipe definitely definitely deserves a pat on the back for whoever came up with it! A very good meal that the whole family loves. To be honest, I’m a die-hard Mexican fan – I’d eat it for breakfast,

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Quick and Easy Low Carb Taco Shells

I got this from a friend when I started on the South Beach Diet, and this has helped satisfy my cravings for Mexican food. Wonderful. I have my Mexican fix back. These make great taco shells or even for a

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Taco Bell Mexican Pizza – Copycat

A friend gave me this recipe and it was an immediate hit with me and my friends. Tastes great and easy to make. You can’t beat that! Sorry Taco Bell. I can’t wait to make it again! It is nice

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Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

This is really an easy chicken tortilla soup recipe. I love Mexican food and this is one of my favorite Mexican recipes. It reminds me of the soup they serve at Houston’s restaurant. It’s very easy to make and sooo

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Easy Enchiladas (Beef or Chicken)

WOW!!! These are incredible! Better than the enchiladas at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I absolutely love this. A favorite enchilada recipe of mine. Because of the many different options, it is also very versatile. Frying the tortillas gives them texture

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Mexican Mess Bean Dip

Muy Bueno! This is so simple and so good. And it’s made with ingredients that we normally have on hand, and it’s quick and easy to prepare. This was the hit of our appetizer night! You can fancy it up

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Smoky Chicken and Chorizo Mexican Enchilada Baked Casserole

This Layered Chicken and Chorizo Enchilada Bake is like a cross between flavorful enchiladas, a hearty casserole, and an artfully layered lasagna (with tortillas in place of pasta). The flavors and textures are fantastic. I love the sweet kernels of

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