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Crab Cakes

I happen to love crab cakes and these are the best I’ve ever eaten. I got the recipe from Cuisine magazine. Every time I make them I hear a lot of oohs and ahhs and requests for the recipe. It’s

Cajun Shrimp

Cajun Shrimp is an extremely good recipe for shrimp lovers! Everything in the recipe is in perfect balance. Serve over toasted garlic bread slices with a tossed green salad with your favorite dressing! Also good with grits! I like to

Simple Shrimp Stir Fry

Frozen shrimp is a busy mom’s best friend! It keeps for months and cooks up in minutes. For this healthy dish, feel free to toss in whatever veggies you have in your fridge. This is a go to recipe for

Brings Back Memories Tuna Casserole

This Tuna Casserole recipe certainly does bring back memories and reminds me of how warming the old comfort foods from childhood can be! My Mom made a casserole similar to this one and the family loved it. We didn’t realize

Easy Shrimp Newburg

This Easy Shrimp Newburg recipe is so ridiculously simple for such a fantastic outcome! The creamy sauce with a tinge of sherry hits it out of the ballpark. So quick and easy, goes great over rice, noodles etc… You’ll love

4-Minute Spicy Garlic Shrimp

One word ‘DELICIOUS’!!! 4-Minute Spicy Garlic Shrimp is a very quick & easy shrimp recipe that’s done on the stove-top. If your tastes desire mildly spicy & slightly garlicky, then this recipe is just for you. I made this for

Easy Shrimp Newburg

This Shrimp Newburg recipe is not only easy but just so ridiculously simple for such a fantastic outcome! The creamy sauce with a tinge of sherry hits it out of the ballpark. Quick and easy recipe for shrimp, goes great

The Best Homemade Fish Tacos Ever

The Best Homemade Fish Tacos you can have outside a little fishing village in Mexico. This is an awesome fish taco recipe. The fish is tender and tastes fresh and flavorful. This is definitely a keeper fish taco recipe. This one

Crispy Fish Fillets With A Surprise Coating

These Crispy Fish Fillets are awesome! They brown up beautifully with just a bit of oil. The texture is wonderful, and the combination of spices to me is perfect. Very nice. Very mild. Very crispy. You can use different seasonings but

Saucy Seafood Dinner

It’s seafood and it’s dinner… fish, shrimp, and scallops simmered in broth that is very tasty! A Saucy Seafood Dinner. I love this! Great for company or just as a quick meal on a weeknight. Excellent. This is really, really