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Slow-Cooker Pina Colada Bread Pudding

This Pina Colada Bread Pudding recipe is sure to get your taste buds hula dancing! Ingredients like cinnamon and crushed pineapple make this tropical bread pudding a delicious treat the whole family will love. Plus it has been tweaked so

Crock Pot Triple Chocolate Surprise

Chocolatey dessert that you make in the crock pot. Rich, decadent and so fantastic! I like to serve it warm, with ice cream and cream, and it’s just scrumptious. It’s just as good the next day when it’s cold! Served

Black Magic Cake

I have made this cake three times, and each time it has been delicious! All three times the cake was consumed within minutes of being presented. The base recipe is perfect the way it is, and very versatile. My go-to

Strawberry Strawberry Pie

Excellent! I can’t believe that I just made this recipe yesterday, and it’s gone! The strawberries take on such a nice flavor. The only bad part is waiting for it to set!! I highly recommend this one!! Jello and cornstarch

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

Moist, delicious and easy! One of the most successful cakes I have ever made. I don’t know anybody that doesn’t really love this very moist, lemony cake. So easy yet so GOOD. I made a glaze with powdered sugar, milk

Amanda’s Cheese Pound Cake

This recipe is from an old church cookbook, that I have had for years. Its the kind of cake that you want to stick your face in the pan and never come up for air. The texture is perfect —

Soft Peanut Butter Cookies

This is my mother-in-law’s recipe. She was always baking and this is one of my favorite recipes she had. Yum. I could just eat the dough! It’s so light and fluffy with just the right amount of peanut butter. The

Molten Chocolate Cherry Baby Cakes

I’m always up for any dessert that includes the words dark, molten and chocolate. But these sweet baby cakes really take the cake! Gooey, decadent and delicious. They can be made ahead of time and kept refrigerated until ready to

Ultimate Lemon Meringue Pie

My mother has always wished for her mother’s lemon pie, but she passed away before she ever knew the secret of her pie. I made this for my mom for Mother’s day and when she tasted it she said, “That’s

Strawberry Tart

Different and absolutely wonderful! Lusciously ripe, red, juicy strawberries sitting on a pristine vanilla custard and the crunch of buttery, walnut pastry…you have to try this! My family loves strawberries and I’m always looking for new recipes… This one is