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Easy Chili Mac

This recipe has been in my regular menu rotation for more years than I care to admit and it’s never failed to please. Great at potlucks and bring-a-dish gatherings. Sometimes I turn it into soup by adding a can of

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Crock Pot Coca Cola Roast

The rich brown gravy this makes is wonderful, with just a slight hint of sweetness. Everyone asks for the recipe, and NO ONE ever guesses the secret ingredient… Coca Cola! This Crock Pot Coca-Cola Roast recipe creates the most tender,

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A Perfect Eye of Round Roast Beef

I finally discovered a method that produces a perfect roast beef every time. One that’s cooked to my liking every time. You can cook it to medium or even rarer in the center. The key is to use a well

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Slow Cooker Buffalo Honey Meatballs

These are just as good, if not better than, Buffalo chicken wings but without the mess! You can use ground chickenĀ in place of the ground beef. You’ll definitely score a “touchdown” with these meatballs! Even the kids loved them once

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Beer-Braised Meatballs

These meatballs and the beer braising sauce are absolutely delish!! I made these for my family and they scarfed ’em down! Served them over egg noodles. Love the idea of browning the meatballs in the oven first. It prevents them

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Secret Ingredient French Dip Roast Beef Sandwiches

This recipe was a hit with the everybody that has tried it. This beef comes out tender and flavorful and makes great French Dip sandwiches! I like the fact that the au juice is not as salty as a lot

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Finger-Lickin’ Country Style Boneless Beef (Or Pork) Ribs

These are some great tasting, finger-lickin’ ribs! Boil ’em and then grill ’em (or you may finish them in the oven, if you prefer), then serve ’em with extra Q sauce for dipping. Simple and easy recipe. A great way

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Crescent Roll Casserole

What a nice, simple, easy to put together beef casserole. One of my favorite recipes with ground beef! Too easy to be so good. I love most everything with crescent roll dough and this is no exception. It makes a

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Easy Enchiladas (Beef or Chicken)

WOW!!! These are incredible! Better than the enchiladas at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I absolutely love this. A favorite enchilada recipe of mine. Because of the many different options, it is also very versatile. Frying the tortillas gives them texture

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Ww Texas Steak With BBQ Sauce – 6 Points

Yummy steak! You would never guess that this was WW from the taste. Love the rub and the sauce. It’s simple to make and delicious!!! I think the rub and sauce would be good on pork too. I put the

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