Stewed Okra and Tomatoes Recipe

This Stewed Okra and Tomatoes Recipe is a Southern thing and it’s a natural combination. It evolved years ago most likely because the two vegetables are ready to eat from the garden at the same time. My grandmother had a

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Almost Pennsylvania Dutch Scrapple

Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Scrapple is a dish popular in Pennsylvania but eaten all over. It’s made from bits and pieces of pork that are leftover from butchering a hog! “Scraps” This version is not authentic even though it is a

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Absolute Best Fried Chicken – The Top 4 Fried Chicken Recipes

Whenever I’m craving a little down home comfort I turn to food and my top comfort food is fried chicken. But not just any fried chicken. It has to be the best fried chicken. Now my opinion of the best

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Grilled Cheese With Ham And Pickle Sandwiches

What a VERY tasty combination of flavors. This is the best sandwich ever with loads of ham, gooey cheese and crunchy pickles. Grilled cheese will never be the same again! The pickle will stay crunchy and what’s not to love

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Monkey Meat – It’s Not What You Think!

So you simply must know what Monkey Meat is, and what’s in it? Before you run away, let me clarify – no monkeys were harmed in making this Monkey Meat. There are also no bananas… let me explain… So here’s

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Spicy Pickled Eggs Recipe

This Spicy Pickled Eggs Recipe makes eggs that taste just like the eggs the general stores used to sell! Pickling eggs is really easy. In fact the hardest thing is peeling the eggs. So if you can peel an egg

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Amish Onion Patties – Onions On Steroids!

These Amish Onion Patties are absolutely wonderful! And they are so easy to make. There you go. You must try this recipe and don’t change a thing – they’re perfect! I’ve made all kinds of “patties” but never with just

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Beef Liver and Onions With White Wine

liver and onions

The wine sauce is fabulous and mixed with the liver and onions is spectacular. You might want to double the sauce because you’ll want extra for your potatoes or pasta. This is the best liver and onions recipe I’ve ever

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One Dish Chicken and Rice Bake

This dish has been one of my MIL’s standard dinners for years and years. I used to make it a lot in the late 70s and 80s, too. Makes a great meal when served with a green veg. It’s so

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Olive Garden Toasted Ravioli Recipe

Packaged ravioli makes this appetizer an easy go-to for a weeknight dinner or when friends drop by. The Olive Garden originals are filled with beef, but cheese or spinach works just fine too! These are just super easy to make and

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